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Requiring Feedback and Feedback Thresholds


There may be instances where administrators would like to require feedback on a performance evaluation. This can be done using the “Require Feedback for Threshold” settings.

To edit this setting go to Performance Management > Settings > Review Settings > General Settings


If you want to require feedback when a score is given below a point value, then use “Require Feedback for Minimum Threshold”.

If you want to require feedback when a score is given above a point value, then use “Require Feedback for Maximum Threshold”.

Another way to read these settings is, what is the minimum or maximum score I could give someone without giving feedback? Anything above or below that will be forced to enter feedback.

NOTE: these settings are universal to all reviews and will take effect immediately after saving.

You can also use these two settings in tandem with one another.



In this example, the system is on a 5 point scale, if you give someone a 1 or a 5 you will be required to enter feedback.

Let’s say you would like to require feedback for a 1, 2, 4, and 5 but if the supervisor enters exactly 3, they do not have to enter feedback. Your settings should look like this:


You could also do something like this if using a whole point scale:


What if you want to require feedback all of the time? No matter what the score is? Then you will need to make sure that your entire scale falls under or above a threshold. You have a couple of options. You could so something like this where you only require the maximum threshold and set it to 0.


Then you will receive messages like this.


As long as your entire scale is covered by a threshold, a comment will be required. These setting would also accomplish the same thing:


But in this case you will get messages that look like this:



Note: In some instances, these settings will not matter. For example, if a review section is set to feedback only, there are no scores to enforce a feedback threshold.



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