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Evaluation Levels and Achievement Descriptions


Your evaluation levels is the point system that every review will share. All reviews must be on the same point system to create internal equity through uniformity and fairness.

Note: If you make any changes it will immediately go into effect and will affect all past reviews. It is strongly recommended that this setting remain undisturbed past implementation.

There are some presets already defined that you may choose from and tweak. To look at these settings go to Performance Manage > Settings > Evaluation Levels.


The dropdown controls the points system and the achievement levels define the range and label for each of those levels.

For example, if you are on a whole point, 5-point system then you may wish to define your levels like so.


As a supervisor or multi-rater, I will see the achievement level as I drag my slider in the performance evaluation.


The achievement levels will also be used in the Final Review Report.



Scale Increments

The setting for the Scale Increments will define how many tick marks each evaluation slider receives.


For more granular scoring, select the option that suites your needs.



Changing your Evaluation Levels

Each level is inclusive and must not overlap. If I am on a 10 point scale with evaluation levels like below, and I give someone exactly 8, they will receive a “High Effective/Commendable” achievement level. Same goes for an 8.5 and an 8.99.


As you update your settings, the system will not allow you to enter evaluation levels that overlap. The achievement level before or after the level you are editing will adjust to not overlap.

It is recommend to either start at the bottom and work up, or start at the top and work down.

Lastly, depending on the number of levels you have, you will have one additional level for Unrated/Incomplete. If you are on a 5-point scale, you will have 6 levels. The 6th level being 0 or incomplete.

Note: It is not possible in CivicHR to rate an employee with all 0’s. A zero in CivicHR means unrated or not complete.


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