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24/7 or Continuous Live Streaming


Our support team can also work with you to set up live, 24/7 video streaming of popular community attractions. This is perfect for cultivating a sense of community and promoting tourism; use our 24/7 live streaming to offer a real-time look at docks and piers, traffic, weather, popular shopping areas, town squares or plazas, ski trails, and community parks. You can also stream your local cable channel directly to a page on your municipal website.

To set this up you will need to contact us to get started.

In order for live streaming to work:

  • Whitelist these IP's
  • Open these ports:
    • 80 (Default HTTP)
    • 1935 (RTMP)
    • 554 (RTSP)
  • Supported Codecs:
    • H264 video codec
    • AAC audio codec
  • Supported Stream Formats
    • RTMP
    • RTMPE
    • RTSP

Important Notes

  • You will need to create a channel specifically for the stream prior to contacting support. For instructions on how to add a channel, please visit our Add a Channel article.
  • Depending on each streaming application used, you can either export this stream URL or if it will not export, you can request the broadcast settings, and we will provide a WMS address for you.
  • Support for setting up specifics is based on the broadcaster and may not be supported through CivicPlus. As we will try to help you as much as we can, since this process is very dependent on the broadcaster we are not able to assist outside of basic troubleshooting.

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