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Modify an Assessment on a Job

Who can use this feature?


Important Notes

If the job is routed you will not be able to make modifications to it.


  1. Navigate to Applicant Tracking
    • Note: This is the default view for many users. You can ensure you are in applicant tracking via the banner. If not in Applicant Tracking, select your Name in the upper right corner to select the appropriate view. If you do not see a specific product feature, you do not have permission to access it. Talk to your system administrator for more information.
  2. Select Job Management on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Locate your desired job.
    • Note: Utilize the search function to find the job easily.
  4. Click on the job.
  5. Go to Job Application.
  6. Go to the Assessments portion and select/deselect the desired assessments by clicking on the available options and selecting the move arrow.
    • Note: The section can take up to 10 seconds to register as moved.
  7. Select Save Job Information.

Note: Any published requisition will not have any assessment changes applied. This feature ensures every applicant is assessed on the same criteria.


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