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How to Create an Onboarding Plan


  1. First, access your Employee section to get to the list of employees and then select the employee which needs a plan creation. Select the orange "Onboarding Plan" button to proceed. To create a new plan, select the blue “Create New Onboarding Plan” button.  From here you are able to select what type of plan you will be creating.
    •  New Hire
    •  Internal Promotion
  2. Next, you will name your plan.  The decided naming convention of the employee onboarding plans is for your government to decide. Enter in the employee start date and save changes.
  3. Once the plan creation was saved, it will take you back to the Employee Onboarding Plan screen, only now it displays your created plan for the new hire. This screen will also now display whether or not the plan has been published (sent out to the new hire) and if the plan has been completed. If you need to configure the employee’s onboarding plan, simply click on the plan name.  From here you will be able to manipulate the content and edit what is to be sent out to the newly hired employee. 
    • Sections, Forms and Videos:  Controls what content is displayed in the new hires onboarding plan. To add or remove items click the boxes to customize.
    • After the plan has been customized click the green “Save Plan” button.
    • Configure Workflow: This screen will allow you to edit and assign internal task assignments for any employee. These workflow tasks are used as a checklist to ensure that the new hire has everything they need to be successful on their first day of work.
  4. After all sections of the onboarding plan have been customized, go back to the "Configure Plan" tab to "Start and Publish Onboarding Plan." Your new hire will receive an email containing a link to the Onboarding Plan along with a username and password.
  5. Once the Onboarding plan has been published, anyone who has been assigned a workflow task will be notified by email that a task has been assigned to them. A Workflow Agent manages all tasks from within the email and is able to reject the task or mark complete.

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