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Creating a Survey


Survey Management allows you to create and manage your governments standard Onboarding surveys that you may choose to include in a new hire packet.

To build a survey, click the blue “Create New Survey” button. By clicking the “Create New Survey” button it will ask you to provide a Survey Title and description.  Save your changes before moving on.

Next, you are able to build your questions.  By clicking on the blue "Add New Question" box you are able to choose which type of question you want to use.  The options are: Text Box, Text Box Multiline, Dropdown List, Checkbox List, Radio Button List or Yes/No.

After selecting your preferred question type, the next screen will prompt you to enter in the question text and brief instructions.  You also have the option to mark any question as a required question. Save your changes at the bottom before proceeding to build the question answers. 

Once your question has been saved the "Items" section is where your answers will be built.  Click " Add New Item"  and a new box will expand allowing you to enter in your answer text.  If desired value points can be added to each answer built.  Adding values will help score the responses. 


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