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Review Sections and Descriptions


  • Review Sections is located in under Review Settings in the Performance Management Module. Review Sections provides a list of all available Core and Base sections that can be included in a review.
  • Base Sections: These sections are not evaluated or scored on a review.  Supplementary sections that aid in providing a complete review cycle.
  • Core Sections:  These sections are used to evaluate organization specific criteria.  


To the right of each section name there are up and down [ ^ ] arrow keys that can be used to specify the order each section appears on your evaluations.

If this feature is used, any review that was created in the past will not follow this order and will remain with the standard settings.

To modify review section information click on the Section Description Name. In the pop-up window there are several Header Details that can be altered to your organizations specifications:

  • Section Header Description:  Change the name of this section and how it appears on the evaluations.
  • Global Section Weighting: Define the total section weight
  • Section Locked: Checking this prevents any individuals from making changes to the evaluation criteria or weighting of that criteria
  • Display Scores: Checking this will show your evaluation level scores as the evaluations are made
  • Section Required to Complete: Enabling this will require an evaluater to rate and provide feedback on each item entered into this section
  • Allow Supervisor to Override Weighting: Checking this will allow supervisors to change the weighting of individual criteria in this section if they elect to do so
  • Display Weights: Checking this will show the supervisors exactly how much each individual criteria is worth in that section
  • Feedback Only:  Checking this allows the section to be comprised of content that does not need to be evaluated, but maybe simply acknowledged.
    • If this is selected the Section Required to Complete will automatically deselect, as it is not required to complete a section that is not evaluated.

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