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Finalizing A Review


A review can only be completed if all items are the review are done. This means that:

  • Every section must be waited to exactly 100%
  • Every factor must be evaluated
  • All shared appraisers have finished their review

Any items that are red are incomplete. You will need to finish those items before following the rest of the steps in this article.

In the example above. The second manager who is also doing an evaluation has not completed their review.


Completing a Review

When you are done you will either mark the review complete or route it for approval, depending on the process for your organization.

To route a review, go to the "Route Review" tab and click the button "Route Review". 

If you are not using routing/approvals, the "Route Review" button will be greyed-out, as seen in the picture above. In this case you will update the status of the review to complete. Update the dropdown under "Review Status" to "Completed.

The review is complete.

Note: if you have routed the review for approval it will automatically be marked completed with the final approver approves it. 



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