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Evaluating a Review


To evaluate a review, you must be logged in as either a supervisor or an admin. If you do not see a main navigation called "Employee Reviews" or "Manage Reviews" please contact your system administrator.

Click on "Employee Reviews". Here you will see all of your employee reviews that have been assigned to you as the main supervisor. 


Review Period

  • Current: Reviews that are marked current are the reviews for the review cycle
  • Next: Reviews marked next are reviews for the next review cycle
  • Closed: Reviews marked closed are completed reviews


Review Status

  • In Progress: Reviews that are In Progress are in the process of having their review structure built
  • Ready to Evaluate: These are reviews that are ready to be evaluated
  • Routed: These are reviews that have been routed for approval
  • Routed Final: These are reviews that have been routed to the final approval
  • Review Rejected: These are reviews that have been rejected by an approver
  • Completed: These are reviews where all evaluations and approvals have been completed
  • Closed: These are reviews that have been completed and have been discussed with the employee


Evaluating a Review

  1. Click on a review that is both "Current" and "Ready to evaluate". You may see different tabs depending on the review structure that your organization is using.

  2. Click on a factor to open it. The popup may look different depending on the type of factor.
  3. Read the description and then drag the slider to evaluate the employee.

  4. You can enter feedback in the blue area. Check the "Print on Review" if you would like the employee to see the feedback. Click "Save Feedback" when you are done.

  5. Repeat this process to evaluate all of the factors. When you are done you will either mark the review complete or route it for approval, depending on the process for your organization.

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