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Quick Steps to Get Started as a Supervisor

Supervisor Login

  • Your System URL: https://[state abbreviation]-[organization name]
  • Username (default): your email address
  • Password (default): contact your system administrator

If you are not able to login contact your HR department for assistance

Find helpful resources by clicking “Documents”

  • Contents of this section may vary by organization
  • Typically you will find User Guides and any helpful resources provided by HR administrators

Find the Support

  • If you have issues with CivicHR you should first contact your HR administrator
  • If you are not able to reach them the support team can be contacted

Update your password by clicking “Settings”

  • Click “Change Password” 
  • Create and confirm your new password
  • Note: if you are idle 20 minutes, you will be logged out and be prompted sign in again
  • Note: Changing your email and username may impact your ability to access the system, we recommend contacting your HR administrator for any other user changes

Check your employee reviews by clicking “Employee Reviews”

  • Check the list of employee reviews for accuracy
  • Check each of your employees’ reviews for accuracy
  • Contact your HR administrator with any corrections
  • If you are required to input employee or job-specific objectives, add these factors now
  • Reviews should be in the “In-Progress” status until all factors have been added

Start tracking “Performance Notes” and “Feedback”

  • Feedback sections, Performance Notes and Performance Documents can be used at any time
  • The more you do during the year the more relevant the feedback will be and the less time it will take




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