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Creating and Uploading a Video


Video Management Center section, if chosen to use will allow you to send a video welcome message to your new hires, informational videos or short training's that may be required for a job.

CivicHR Videos need to be hosted by youtube.com in order to create and publish a video in an Onboarding Plan.

Before uploading a video you must first select "Add New Video Category" and type in your Video Category.  

The Video Category will refresh under the Category drop down menu.

At this point, if your video is not already publish to youtbue, you will want to complete that first.

Once your video is published to youtube, access CivicHR and select your video under "Category."  Next, copy and paste the Share Code link from the video on youtube into the box "Add Video Link." 

The information for height and width will be obtained from the Embed Code in youtube. This is not necessary, as you are able to choose your own display specifications.

Once completed Save your video.


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