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Create a Performance Review


Manage Reviews provides you with a snapshot view of all reviews that are currently created within your organization.



Option 1: Manage Reviews Route

  1. Navigate to Manage Reviews
  2. Select the responsible supervisor
  3. Select Create New Review
  4. Fill in fields
    • Review Employee: Select employee for review
    • Review Period: Select from Current, Next, or Closed periods
    • Plan or Review Name: Title of review
    • Plan or Review Description: Brief description of the review
    • Create Review:
      • Create Empty Review: Create a blank review
      • Create Review with structure only: Create review from items aligned in the library
      • Copy Previous review structure: Utilize a previous review done for modification
      • Copy Previous review (structure, scores, feedback): Utilize the exact previous review
    • Create Next Cycle Review: Select to begin new review period
    • Lock Review: Select to disable further edits
    • Feedback Milestone Dates: Choose to add a milestone
  5. Select Create Review

Note: Performance Notes may be entered in a review anytime after the review has been created.  

See our Review Details article for elaboration on review status, review details, and managing factors. 


Option 2: Employees Route

  1. Navigate to Employees
  2. Select or search and select an employee
  3. Click on the Reviews tab
  4. Click on the Create Review button
  5. Fill in fields
    • Review Type: How the review is created
      • Empty Review: Blank slate, no factors will automatically populate
      • Review From Structure: Automatically fills out review with previous items in library
    • Review Name: Name of review
    • Review Description: Brief description of review
    • Review Period: Set what cycle the review is for
    • Create Next Review: Automatically generates the next review cycle
    • Lock Review: Disables further edits
    • Create Milestone: Add a milestone
      • Feedback Date: Enter in date feedback is due
      • Is Complete: Note whether or note it is complete
      • Save: Save milestone
  6. Select Save

Note: To copy a review, click on the drop-down in the Copy column and select one of the options. 

  • Previous Review Structure: Will only copy sections, factors, and weights from the review on to the new review. Do this if you have customized a previous review that differs from the Job Library.
  • Previous Review (Structure, Scores, Feedback): Will take a direct copy of the review, including any evaluation that has been done to the review, and copies it. You may want to use this option if you have a supervisor change. In some instances, you may want to make this information available to the new supervisor.

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