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The Library is where you can find the full list of your evaluation components categorized by sections. The names for these sections can be changed under Settings, so the examples below may differ.

  • To make changes to the sections go to "Settings" then "Review Settings" in the Performance Management module.
  • To add a Category, select the blue “Add New Category” button from the Library view once you have selected your Library Category from the drop-down list.
  • From there you will want to select the newly added category from the drop down menu. Then click the blue “Add to Competencies/Objectives/etc. Category” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • You are able enter the description and set a default weight for the item. These weights can be edited on the review itself depending on the total number of items. NOTE: By adding the weights under the category they are saved and will populate on any future review created using those items.

  • Core Values: Global Core section that is intended to be a part of every employee evaluation.
  • Competencies: Provides you with a list of all available competencies your organization has selected.
    • Here you can view the description of the competency and assign it to all job titles that are evaluated on that particular competency.
  • Performance Goals: Is where you can create your Performance Goals within Categories to make it easier to quickly assign to an evaluation.

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