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Add Evaluation Factors to a Performance Review

If you are a supervisor of employees you may be required to add sections (ex. Goals, Job Specific Objectives) to your employees' reviews. This tutorial will walk you through the process of adding evaluation factors to a performance review.


  1. Login to your organization's CivicHR system
  2. Select Employee Reviews to locate your employees. Employees in the status of 
    "In Progress" are those with a review which is being built and is not yet ready for evaluation.

  3. Click on the section you are responsible for adding and use the Add 
    button to create the factor for your employee. You may cut and paste or type in the factor. Once entered you may assign a weight to the factor and click save.
  4. You can use "Review Reports" to view a preview of the review factors on a Performance Plan or Appraisal Report. This helps you see the details in a single page view. 
  5. When you have built all the required factors into the review you can change the status to "Ready to Evaluate".


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