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Administrator Overrides on Reviews

Important Notes

  • The factor will now show “Overriden by Administrator” and the time at which it was overridden.
  • If the review has multiple shared appraisers and/or employee self-evaluations, you can pick specific scores to override by clicking on the person’s name.
  • If you override a score to 0, the factor is now considered incomplete. The lowest score for an individual factor is always 1.
  • The supervisor will be required to put in a score to complete the review (if a score is required per system settings).
  • A supervisor can also save on top of an administrator override. This is so that if an administrator has reset scores by overriding to 0, the supervisor can still complete the review.


  1. Login as an administrator
  2. Navigate to the review
  3. Open the factor
  4. Enter in the new score

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