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Sharing a Candidate


There may be instances where you need to share a candidate outside of CivicHR. For instance, you may have a third party or an interview panel that needs to review candidates, but does not want or need a CivicHR login.


You can share a candidate by clicking on the yellow share button in the quick links section. Sharing is only available for external candidates.

After you click share you will be presented with a prompt.

  • If you select “Attach Resume in Email” it will send an email to the address listed.
  • If you select “Create Public Viewing Area” and email will be sent to the address listed. The link will only be good for 7 days, after which it will become inaccessible. The public viewing area will provide the candidate details, application, and any resources.
  • If you select both, two emails will be sent to the address listed.
  • You may list more than 1 email in the Send To by separating the emails with a comma or semicolon
  • Only external candidates can be shared




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