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How to Change your Password


There are 2 ways to change your password:

  1. You can request that a password reset email be sent to you. Click the "Forgot Your Password" Link on the login screen. Type in your email and click the button. You should get a green confirmation that an email has been sent to you. Follow the directions in the email to reset your password. 
  2. You can change your password under settings. Click on Settings in the left-hand side navigational menu. Click on the blue "Change Password" button. This will give you a prompt to enter a new password. Follow the directions for creating a new password.

Note: If you type your password incorrectly too many times your account will be locked. You have 3 tries to get in. If your account is locked you will receive a message like so. Contact your system administrator to unlock your account. Directions on how to unlock an account can be found here: Account Security


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