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Create Source Channels


Source channels allow you to create links that you can use to advertise your positing in specific places. For example, you may have a local newspaper that you would like to advertise your job posting. You can create a source channel for your local newspaper and then when candidates apply through the link that you have supplied, they will show up as coming from "newspaper".


  1. Navigate to Settings on the left
  2. Select Lists
  3. Select Job Source Channels
    • Note: There are some source channels that you can't delete. These are used for native features of CivicHR. For example, you can't delete the Career Portal because this source is tied to career portal. All candidates that apply through the Career Portal get set to this source. 
  4. Select Create Source Channel to add your new source channel
  5. Enter in it's name and a short description. 
  6. Select Save Sourcing Channel

 To use source channels, please visit our Use Source Channels article.


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