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Posting to Social Media

There are 3 social media sites that you can automatically post jobs to, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Setup Instructions

To get yourself setup, go to settings > social networks > and then choose the social media site you would like to authorize. Click the "Sign-In" button. It will have you enter your username, password, and authorize CivicHR to post to your account.

Posting Instructions



If you are wanting to use LinkedIn please email CivicPlus Support.





You can setup CivicHR to post your jobs directly Facebook. 

  • Start by going to Settings > Job Board Integrations. Facebook is listed first.
  • Click on "Sign In to Facebook". Follow the prompt to put in your username and password.
    • Note: You must be administrator of page and have rights to post to the page. CivicHR only posts to Facebook Pages, not individual timelines. If you have are having trouble posting, make sure that you have administrator rights to at least one page.
  • If you have administrator rights to more than one page, you will be prompted to choose the page once you return to CivicHR.
    • Note: Only one CivicHR administrator needs to sign in to Facebook. This authorizes your CivicHR site to post to only ONE Facebook page. 
  • You may also want to upload a photo. This photo will be used in your Facebook posts. If you do not upload a photo, only text will be posted.
    • Note: Facebook has recommend photo sizes. For best results, please use a recommend size. 

After setting up Facebook, requisitions will start to post automatically. Any requisition that is posted for the past or present (now) will automatically go to Facebook. Anything published for the future will not.

Each social media channel that you have set up will informed you that your post has been published.

Re-Posting Jobs

You can always re-post to a channel by going under Sourcing Channel Links > External Sourcing Links > Repost Job Opening.


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