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Sensitive Assessment Questions


Sensitive Assessment sections can be used to ask information form a candidate that you do not wish for a hiring manager to see.

For example, you may want to add a section asking a candidate if he would like to claim an employment preference. To make this question a sensitive assessment, create the assessments as normal and then:

  1. Check Sensitive? and click Save Assessment.
  2. Make sure you don't forget to add the assessment section to your job.
  3. Next, publish your requisition and preview the application.

The candidate will apply as normal. As an administrator, you will always be able to see the answers to sensitive assessment questions. At any time you can toggle the Sensitive? feature to give and take back the hiring manager's ability to see the sensitive section.

After reviewing the candidate’s application, it may be routed to the hiring manager. When the hiring manager logs in, he will not be able to see that section.

You can also run a report to see all applicants’ answers to the Assessment section. You can do this by going to candidate reports and running the Assessments Report.



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