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Candidate Activity


When you open a candidate, the activity tab holds a timeline of everything that has happened to the candidate. Here you can see:

  • The Log: This is the audit trail of all changes made to the candidate
  • Notes: This is notes entered on the candidate by administrators and hiring managers
  • Email: Any email the candidate has received that was generated through the email tab. This includes template emails that are assigned to candidate statuses and dismissals
  • Applications: All applications that the candidate has submitted

When you first arrive on this tab, it shows you all activity that belongs to "this position". For example, Julia Koenig applied to two requisitions, Insurance and Risk Analyst and Risk Manager. If you click on Julia for Risk Manager and go to the activity tab, then by default you will only be looking at activity for her Risk Manager.


All Activity

If you would like to see all activity, then click on "Include All Requisitions".

This will show you all activity across all requisitions that Julia has applied to. You can narrow down what type of activity you want to see by clicking on the filters. For example, if you want to see all email that Julia has been sent, you would click on "Email" and "Include All Requisitions".


Job Title Column

The Job Title column tells you which requisition the activity belongs to. For instance, the system will note if one email was to Julia for her application to Risk Manager, and the other one was sent to her for Insurance and Risk Manager.


  1. If you are wanting to see all applications that someone has submitted, you will need to check "Include all Requisitions".
  2. When you enter notes, they will always be entered on "this position". When you enter a note, it will tell you who and what requisition the note was entered on.
  3. By default, Administrators have access to "Include All Requisitions". Hiring Managers do not.
  4. Activity that is not associated with one particular requisition can only be viewed when "Include All Requisitions" is selected. For example, when a candidate signs up for an account. Older history may also not be associated with a requisition.

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