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Route a Candidate

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Routing Tab

To route an individual candidate, open the candidate and click on the "Routing" tab.

Here is where you can route the candidate to multiple hiring managers and view a history of all routing.

On the left is a list of all the managers who currently have the candidate. If you want to unroute the candidate from a particular Hiring Manager, click "Un-route" on that individual. This essentially removes their access. You can only unroute from one individually at a time. 

Disclaimer: The candidate is not locked for editing once routed. You can continue to make any updates that you want. However, if you add additional resources you will need to re-route the candidate for the hiring managers to see them. Hiring Managers can only see resources that they were given permission to see (by routing).

Routing Button

To route a candidate, click the blue button that says "Route Candidate". This will give you the Routing Candidate popup.

Select the managers and resources you want to include. Enter a note with instructions and click "Route Candidate". The Route Candidate button will become enabled once you have selected the hiring managers and entered a note.

Once you have routed the candidate, a row will appear in the routing history.

A record is also added to the audit trail under Log. This can be found on the Activity tab under "Log".


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