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Candidate Notes

All candidate notes are located on each individual candidate. To view all notes for a candidate, open the candidate, click on "Activity" and then lick on the filter for "Note".

Here you will see every note entered on the candidate, including notes entered by Hiring Managers.

Editing A Note

To edit a note, click on the blue "Edit" beside the note.

Make your changes and click save. Once you have saved, the audit trail under "Log" will be updated. It will say that you edited the note.

Adding a New Note

Click on "Add New Note". This will give you the Note Popup.

You can choose whether or not you want others to see your note. By default, all admins can see all notes and hiring managers can only see their own. As an administrator you have the option to share your note, uncheck the "Sensitive?" box to allow hiring managers to see the note.


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