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Reviewing a Candidate

The interview tab is a list of all the interview the candidate has been scheduled for.

General Instructions


Candidate Information

You will be greeted by the candidate's personal information, their rating, status, and application.

  • Candidate Personal Information - this is the information the candidate entered on their application. You can edit it by typing into the fields and clicking save.
  • Quick Links - here you will see a quick link to view their application. Clicking this will open their application in a new tab
  • Rating Summary - the Overall Rating is set to the assessment score by default. You can override this by dragging the stars. Below the Overall Rating you will see a set of stars for each person you have routed to. If the hiring manager has not responded yet the rating will be grey. If the hiring manager has responded their rating will be filled in with orange stars.
  • Credit Report - This can be turned on under settings. It allows you to get permission to run their credit report. 
  • Candidate Scores - These are the scores that the candidate received from filling out the assessment section at the end of the application. You must have added supplemental questions BEFORE you posted the requisition in order for the candidates to be scored.
  • Account Information - this is basic information about when the candidate has applied and when they were last viewed
  • Candidate Status - the disposition of the candidate. You can update this using the dropdown and then clicking save.
  • Candidate Source - this is the source from where the candidate applied. You can use sourcing channel links to advertise the position. Each of these links are unique and will control what source the candidate applies from.
  • Candidate Group - you can create your own candidate groups and then adds candidates to those groups for your own organization purposes.



Candidate resources shows you documents that the candidate has uploaded with their application. At any time, a candidate can upload additional documents. Administrators also have the option to upload attachments as well. You can drag-and-drop or select the file and then click "Upload".



The Activity tab is a timeline of everything that has happened to this candidate. You can filter the activity down by using the buttons along the top.

  • All Activities - will show you everything
  • Log/Audit Trail - will show you an audit trail of every change that has happened to the candidate
  • Note - these are all notes from administrators and hiring managers that have been entered
  • Email - these are all emails the candidate has received
  • Application - these are all the positions the candidate has applied to


Adding a Note

You can add a new note by clicking "Add New Note". By default, all notes that an administrator enters are locked/sensitive. This means that only admins can see them. If you wish to share a note with your hiring manager, uncheck the "Sensitive?" box.



You can route the candidate to multiple hiring managers by clicking on "Route Candidate".

Select the hiring managers and the resources you want to include by using the dropdown. By going through this area you can control what resources the hiring managers see. If you are using Bulk Actions, then all resources will be made available to the hiring managers. Additional, you can enter some routing notes to give instructions to the hiring managers.

To unroute a candidate, click the "Un-route" next to each hiring manager's name. This essentially "revokes" their ability to see the candidate.

The routing history is a running dialog between the administrators and the hiring managers. Here you can see who it has been routed to and what their comments were.

Instructions For a Hiring Manager

  1. Click on candidate to open it.
  2. On the main screen you can see information about the candidate and their account.
    • Candidate Personal - this is the contact information the candidate entered into their application
    • Your Evaluation - these are the instructions that the administrator has sent to you, your star rating, and notes you wish to send back to the admin
    • Candidate Scores - if supplemental questions were attached to the application the candidate's score appears here
    • Account Information - this is the date the application was submitted and the last time the application was viewed
    • Status - this section holds the candidate's current status, the source from where they applied, and the group they belong to
    • Quick Links - click on "View Application" to view the candidate's application

Routing Back to the Administrator

On the main tab after you open a candidate the section for "Your Evaluation" holds routing information. Admin Notes are any instructions the administrator sent to you. The rating is where you put in your rating. Just click the stars to save your rating.
When you are ready to send your response back to the administrator, type in the notes section and click "Submit". The Submit button will become enabled once you have entered in some notes.
Resources If the Administrator has routed resources with the candidate's application you will see those documents here. Click the file name to download the resource.
Activity This is where you will see all notes on the candidate. If an administrator has shared additional notes with you, you will see those here. You may also enter an unlimited number of notes for yourself here as well.

Disclaimer: Any notes you enter are visible to the administer.


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