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Find the Optimal Banner Size for Your Site


Each site is custom designed so there is no "one-size-fits-all" for banner sizes. There are a few ways our support team primarily finds this information and we would like to share these with you. If you have any issues or are not able to get this options to work for you, please contact us.

There is sometimes the option to have a template sent to you to use for banners/slideshows. For more details on this option, please contact your Account Manager.

Original Images

The way to determine the size of the banner for your site is to look at the images that our designers uploaded. These files are on the site when you first obtain the site from CivicPlus, it is recommended that you do not remove these files in case you need to reference the optimal size in the future. Once you edit your banner you will see these images listed, you can select the thumbnail and the image editor will show a size


Right Click Method

You can also find the size your existing image is at by right-clicking on the image when it is on your screen.

  1. Select View Image Info (FireFox)
  2. Open Image in New Tab
  3. Right-click > Inspect
    • Note: it will appear in the lower right corner of the image (Google Chrome), or Properties (IE). You will want the "scaled to" size, or the size exactly as the original.


Note: It may not be easy or clear when you are on the image or on a container of the site.


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