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Increment Grades


This article will show you two separate ways to increment the grades of your users in CivicRec. Please note that this will only work on users that already have the grade designated in their account (Accounts > Edit User > Grade) If there is not a grade requirement there, you will need to go to Configuration> Organization> Organization Options> Grade Requirement and set this to Required.


The first way is to use a setting in Organization Options. This setting will automatically increment the grades every year on the date that you designate. This way, staff will not need to go in and manually increment these yearly. You can find this by navigating to Configuration> Organization> Organization Options. Then, find the setting titled Automatically increment grades each year. Set this to YES and choose the day you want the grades to increase. The system will do this automatically, every year, if this setting is turned on. If you want to stop this, turn this to NO and save the settings.


The next way is to manually increment the grades. Navigate to Functions> Increment Grades. Then click the big blue Increment Grades button to increase the grades immediately.


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