Custom HTML Widget


The Custom HTML widget has a wide range of uses. The most popular are:

  • YouTube Video Embeds
    • Note: You can obtain the embed code by viewing the video on YouTube, selecting Share and selecting Embed
  • Vimeo Video Embeds
  • Other Video Embeds
  • Iframes
  • Custom Script
  • Video Tourbooks

Note: Not all code will work with the CivicPlus system. If there is a conflict with the website base code things may appear broken. Due to this, it is recommended to add custom HTML widgets on copied pages. If you need any assistance please contact our support technicians.


  1. Navigate to the page you want the custom item on with Live Edit turned on
  2. Select Widgets from the tab menu
  3. Drag and drop the Custom HTML widget onto the page where you would like your item to show
  4. Paste your custom code into the widget
  5. Select Done
  6. Save your page

Note: You may not be able to see the product of your code in live edit, you may have to turn live edit off before being able to see what a user will see.


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