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APIs, Data Integration, and Custom Programming


API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a way for software programs to talk to each other. If you have a program that you would like to interface with one of the CivicEngage modules, this is the place to start.

Every CivicEnage site has built-in API tools. Developers wishing to use the Aurora-specific REST APIs can simply go to http://Site_name/api (replacing "site_name" with your site name). From there, developers have access to the APIs to set up, test, and deploy on their live site.

Contact CivicPlus support via email to receive the API key and Token ID, which will unlock full API access.


REST APIs Available

  • Alert Center
  • Calendar
  • Citizen Request Tracker
  • Form Center
  • News Flash



Please contact us for the SDK files.

Data Integration

CivicPlus routinely integrates with other software to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our platform. Most integrations are embedded tools, allowing you to seamlessly leverage the technology with no additional steps.

The software we integrate with on CivicEngage is:

  • Mapping: Esri, Google maps (Used in CivicEngage Facilities and CRT modules)
  • Payments: Heartland – Bolletta Payment software; Elavon - Converge payment software; PayPal payment software, Various other Payment APIs (Used in CivicEngage epayment Center)
  • Analytics: Piwik, Google
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter
  • Custom: HTML widget (allows code to be entered on your site for various purposes, ex. weather)

Custom Programming

We know that sometimes out-of-the-box solutions won’t meet your needs. At times like this, CivicPlus offers custom integration, which can be completed on a case-by-case basis. Contact your CivicPlus Account Manager for more information. 


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