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Locked Out Troubleshooting

There are 2 reasons for an account being locked out:
  1. To many failed login attempts due to incorrect password.
  2. The account was inactive for an extended period of time.
When you get the locked out message the system should generate an unlock email to your email address that will allow you to unlock the account. Once the account is unlocked you can then use the forgot password link on the login screen. This will generate an email to your address with the correct password on it.

Unlocking or Retrieving Your Password

If you find yourself locked out or have forgotten your password, the following should get you back to working:
  • Forgot passwords can be retrieved through entering your user name and clicking “Forgot Password”—it will be emailed to the account specified in your User Profile
    • Note: If you change your email address in the OJA module, this changes the address passwords are delivered to


There is also a rare issue with browser caching that may not allow you to log in.  You will receive the message "Either your login has expired or you do not have the rights to the module you are attempting to access."  This is an issue that will need to be addressed with your current browser.  A few steps to try are as follows:
  1. The most common fix is to try to login in a different browser.  Ex. if you are in Internet Explorer, try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This will also help determine if the issue is definitely within your browser or if it system related.
  2. If you cannot access another browser, you will need to clear the cache in your current browser.  This is different in most browsers but a quick clear can be done with CTRL + F5.  This should clear cache and refresh your browser.  More advanced steps for clearing your cache can be found here.
  3. If neither of those options resolve the issue, you can attempt to login to your production URL.  It is generally formatted as state then city name with .  Ex. .  This should allow you to access your Admin Home if all other access fails.

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