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Add a Resource or Business

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  1. Login to the admin side of your website
  2. Go to Modules > Content > Business/Resource Directory
  3. Choose the Content tab.
  4. Select Add Item. The following screen will look like Fig. 3-1
    Figure 3-1
  5. Resource Name – How the Business/Resource Directory item will appear titled to the viewer
  6. Contact Name – Person to contact at the resource
  7. Address Boxes – Place the physical address in the first address box if you want to link to map. Fill in the rest of the boxes appropriately
  8. Link to map – If you placed the actual address in the first box and filled in the city, state, and zip and choose yes to link to map the user will have the option to view a map from Google, Microsoft, Map Quest, or Yahoo.
  9. Phone & Fax – Enter the phone and fax here
  10. Email – place the exact email in this box (ex.
  11. Show Email As – Place the word Email in this box. This makes it more difficult for spammers to harvest your email addresses
  12. Link – Create a link here
  13. Description — Allows you further describe the business/resource
  14. Resource Directory Categories – Select the categories you want to place the business/resource you can place them in as many categories as you wish.

Note: Choosing to add a category here will erase all information you have not saved on this screen (Fig. 3-2).
Figure 3-2


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