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Add a Request Type

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  1. Login to the Admin side of your website
  2. Go to Modules > Modules > Request Tracker
  3. Click on the category in which you wish to add the Request Type
  4. Click Add Request Type 

  5. Fill-in the following information
    • Request Type Title: Name of the request
    • Priority: Select the default priority level for the request
    • Assigned To: Click on the name of the person to which this request is assigned
    • CC Email List: Create the list of email addresses for other who need to be notified when this request type is submitted
      • Separate the list with a semicolon (;). Make sure and put no spaces before or after the email address
  6. Click Rules & Alerts tab
    • Rule(s): Set the time of the “follow up” based on whether the request is Submitted, Closed, or Reopened (event) in which you want further action
    • Based on the Action you select from the drop down, you can send an email to another person or assign the request to another Request Tracker User.
    • Add button allows you to add additional rules.
  7. Click Save and Publish

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