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Best Practice

  • Move Pages Quickly & Easily: The Site Map tool allows you to see the pages tree and expand to view the full pages structure and organization. Move pages with drag and drop using the blue compass icon in live edit mode.
    • Reasoning: This allows you to view page hierarchy and easily move pages as needed. As you drag the page to the destination a dotted spacer will appear where it can be added, or you can hover over a page to select to add as a child page.
    • Instructions: Access your website's Site Map in the Site Tools menu when logged into your website or by adding /sitemap to your website address in your browser's URL.
  • Use Bulk Actions: Use pages bulk actions to quickly hide, show, or remove a set of pages .
    • Reasoning : Bulk actions of Unpublish, Make Visible, and Make Hidden can by used by check-marking a page or set of pages in the tree, and selecting one of these options from the top of the page. Please note that changes made via the Sitemap tool do not appear in the History Log.

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