Group Administration


Add a Group

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  1. Select Modules > Site Tools > Group Administration
  2. Choose Add Back-End Group
  3. Settings Tab
    • Group Name: assign a group name; it should include what level of rights you are giving to the group to assist in assigning rights later
      • Example: Parks and Rec – Publisher
    • Description: allows you to add a description to the group
  4. Modules Tab
    • Assigning rights to the modules at this tab will assign rights module wide; if you wish to give a group complete access to a module it is ok to use this tab if you wish to restrict access to just one category you will need to do this at the module level.  
  5. Pages Tab
    • The pages tab allows you to set rights on a page by page basis.
      • Using this tab you must select ALL pages you want the group to have access to, this must include all subpages; if you wish to grant access to an entire set of pages you can do this in the pages menu. When using the pages tab you will see the V, A, P, and O checkboxes to allow you to choose the proper level of rights for each page. 
  6. Users Tab: You can select existing users from this tab to place in the group; if you have not yet created your users you can select which group they belong to in user administration when you add a new user
  7. Saving Options
    • Save: will keep your settings but it is not available to use yet
    • Save and Publish: will publish it and allow it to be used by any user in the group

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