Facilities & Reservations


Turn On/Off Facility Reservations

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  1. Please make sure that "Allow Public Reservations" is enabled by going to the properties tab within the Facilities module. If is is not enabled, please make sure that "Allow Public Reservations" is checked and click Save Changes
  2. Select the "Main" tab and choose to "Add a Category" or choose to modify an existing one. 
  3. Hover over the actions cog over the Facility title and click Modify
  4. Under "Reservation Information" check the "Allow Public Reservations" box and select a reservation type.
  5. Select "Save"

Note: CivicEngage does not have a "Shopping Cart" for the Facilities or Activities module. This means you cannot bulk register or reserve in the module, you will need to do one registration / reservation at a time. For this functionality, please review our CivicRec option.

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