Facilities & Reservations


Add a Sub-Facility


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Facilities
  2. Select the category you would like to add the sub-facility to 
  3. Select Add Subfacility
  4. Fill out the form
    • Parent Facility: add parent facility you would like the sub-facility to fall under
    • Name: enter a name for the sub-facility
    • Address: enter an address for the sub-facility
    • ZIP: enter a zip code 
    • Map Location: allows you to add a map location
    • Features: allows you to add features for users to see
    • Hours of Operation: allows you to add hours of operation
    • Hours of Operation Note: allows you to add notes about the hours of operation
    • Admission Fee: allows you to disclose any admission fees
    • Max Occupancy: allows you to add the max occupancy
    • Contact Name: allows you to add a contact name
    • Contact Email: allows you to add a contact email
    • Contact Phone Number: allows you to add a contact phone number
    • Other Phone Number: allows you to add an additional contact phone number
    • Allow Public Reservations: check to allow public reservations 
    • Link to Video: allows you to add a link to a video
    • Open in new window: check to open link in new page when it is clicked
    • Description: add a description of the video
    • Create Slideshow: create a slideshow 
    • Select Documents: select documents to attach
    • Link: link to additional websites
    • Show the calendar on the public side of the facility page: allows you to show the calendar to the public
    • Show Directions: allows you to add directions to other websites
    • Display: allows you to select dates of display
  5. Saving Options
    1. Save: allows you to save changes made without publishing to the live site
    2. Save and Publish: allows you to save and publish the changes to the live site

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