CivicEngage Media (CivicMedia)


Add a Video

Download the Video


  1. Login to the Admin side of your website
  2. Go Modules > Content > CivicMedia™
  3. Click on the Channel you want to add the video to
  4. Click Add Video

  5. Click inside the dotted box
  6. Enter Title of Video
  7. Enter Description for Video
  8. Either repeat steps 6-7 to add another video or click Save
  9. This will begin the encoding process. The encoding process will continue to work even if you move onto a different area of the website.Note: The encoding process takes approximately 1.5 times longer than the length of the video to complete when encoding within the system.
  10. Hover over the cog wheel above the Draft stamp on the video and select Actions

  11. Click Publish

Note: If you are broadcasting a video, it will not show until you start the live streaming. When you start the live streaming the video will show as the first video in the channel that is selected.


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