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Workflows for Agendas

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Workflows create an approval process for the items created in each agenda to ensure that the proper groups or people approve agenda items before they are added to an agenda.

  • From the Add Agenda page, click Workflow, then select Add Workflow.
  • Name the Workflow being created.
  • Add users or groups to the approval list by clicking Add User Group.
  • The Approval Name field will open. Start typing the name of the person or group that needs to be added to the approval process.  Possible matches from the User and Group Administration section will appear. 
  • Select the correct match by clicking the name.
  • To add additional groups or people to the approval process click Add User or Group again, and repeat the same process.
  • Adding rules to the approval process helps ensure that agendas move through the approval process in a timely manner. To add a rule to each person or group in the approval process, click Add Rules next to the name.
  • Enter the number of days to wait with no action taken before an email is sent.
  • Enter the email address of the person to notify if no action has been taken.
  • Select Save Changes.

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