User Administration


Add a User


  1. Select Modules > Site Tools > User Administration
  2. Select Add User
  3. Fill in the account information at the top of the Add User screen
    1. Email: this will allow the users to retrieve their password if they forget it
    2. First Name/Last Name: will allow easy searching later
    3. Note: photograph, start date, and end date are optional
  4. Select the back end group they belong to
    • If you do not select a back-end group they will not have access to the administrative side of the website.
  5. Select a front end group if necessary
    • Not all users will need to be placed in a front end group. This is used primarily for intranet setups. If you have the intranet and this user needs access they will need to be placed in the internet group.
  6. Saving the user
    • Save: will save changes to be published later
    • Save and Publish: will save and publish the user

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