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Add a Real Estate Seller

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  1. Select Modules > Content > Real Estate Locator 
  2. Select the Sellers tab
  3. Select Add Seller
  4. Fill out the login and account information
    • Name: enter the name of the real estate seller
    • Email Address: enter the email address of the seller
    • Password: enter a password
    • Confirm Password: enter the same password
    • Address: enter a business address
    • Phone: enter the seller's contact phone
    • Fax: enter if the seller has a fax number
    • Website: enter if the seller has a website
    • This account is for a professional property manager: check the box to enable the Company field and the option to upload a photo
    • Company: enter if the seller is working for a particular company
    • Photo: upload a photo
    • Note: the fields marked with a red asterisk are required
  5. Saving Options:
    • Save Changes: saves the seller’s information; once the Seller has been saved they will receive an email with a confirmation link to confirm their account 
    • Save and Activate: saves the seller’s information and activates the user without the need for a confirmation email

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