Pasting in Pages


If rich text is pasted into an editor box or widget on your site, this hidden code can cause formatting changes that may affect the way your content displays and even your ability to edit the formatting itself.  If you are experiencing formatting troubles (For example a different font color, size or style or the inability to change font color, size or style; extra line breaks or white space etc.) this can be fixed!  We recommend that you “Clean” the text using MS Notepad or a similar tool.

Using NotePad to Paste Plain Text

  1. Copy the text from your Word document
  2. Open a new text document using MS Notepad or a similar tool.
  3. This is usually located in Start / Programs / Accessories or by searching in the start menu for “Notepad”.
  4. Paste your text from Word into the Notepad text document
  5. Copy the text from the Notepad document
  6. Paste that text into the editor box or widget on your site.
  7. Use the Editor Tool bar to apply the font, color, and class formatting for the text as needed.

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