Keeping Content Consistent

Best Practice

  • Use Staff Directory Widget for Contact Information: Use the Staff Directory module and widget to consistently house contact information as the first item in the feature column.
    • Reasoning: Placing contact information consistently in one place and towards the top of the page helps users avoid a "dead-end" by providing the next step for them to take.
  • Repeat Important Information: Place actionable or commonly requested tasks/pages into multiple areas.
    • Reasoning: Repetition throughout the site creates familiarity and ease of use. For instance, having Utility Payments under departments, information for residents, and a How Do I/Help Center will ensure a user finds the instructions no matter where they start looking.
  • Limit Duplication by Using Links: House information in only one spot and link to it when it comes up in other areas.
    • Reasoning: By housing the information in one spot, such as under the department responsible for the task, it will ensure consistency in information being updated.

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