Facilities & Reservations


Add a Facility


  1. Select Modules > Content > Facilities
  2. Choose the category in which you want to add the Facility
  3. Select Add Facility 
  4. Fill in the appropriate information
    • Name: The name of the Facility that the viewers will see on the public side of the website
    • Address 1: This field should house the physical or street address of the Facility
    • Address 2: This field should house secondary addresses such as Room # or Field #
    • Zip: Enter the appropriate zip code
    • Features: Select the included Amenities from the list
    • Hours of Operation: List hours the Facility is open for use
    • Hours of Operation Note: Provide a description of the Facility if needed
    • Admission: List admission fee if applicable
    • Contact Name: List a contact name
    • Contact Email: List a contact email
    • Contact Phone Number: List a contact phone number 
    • Available for Public Request: Check to allow the viewer to request a reservation through a form provided on the website
    • Link: Provide a link to an interior page, document, photo or exterior website
    • Description: How the link will appear on the public side of the website
    • Slideshow: Upload a photo to show when a viewer chooses to look at the details of the Facility.
    • Has Calendar: Check if a calendar will be created that will be named after the Facility and allow viewers to see reservations that have been approved
    • Show Directions: Allows you to have directions show on other websites
  5. Save Options 
    • Save: Will save the work as an unpublished draft
    • Save & Submit: Will save the work as an unpublished draft and notify a publisher/owner/system admin that it is ready for review (Viewable by Authors only)
    • Save & Publish: Will save the work and publish it for viewing

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