ePayments Overview


An overview presentation is available online.


  • Allows ease of applying convenience or shipping fees to transactions
  • Citizens can pay for services, reservations, licenses, etc., through your website
  • Integrates with key CivicEngage modules


  • Ability to customize or make changes to any form you create
  • Email notifications sent out instantly to both customer and the client when the transaction is made
  • Export financial reports instantly with a click of a button
  • Integrates with Activities, Forms Development Tool, Form Center, Facilities, Licenses and Permits, and Real Estate Locator

Online Payment Set-Up Options

When using the CivicEngage CMS, there are two options for on-line payments:
  1. Integrate: Your payment processor will integrate with the CivicEngage CMS e-payment module via an intermediary service.  (An intermediary service is the code that connects the CMS to the payment processor’s API.)
  2. Link: Your payment processor will not integrate with the ePayment module.  Instead, a hyperlink or graphic link will take the payer to a payment processor to complete the transaction. Detailed On-Line Payment Set Up Options


If your organization is experiencing trouble with an integrated payment processor, first contact CivicPlus Support at 888-228-2233, ext 307.  The Support team will determine if the problem is with the CivicEngage Epayment Center or with the Payment Processor.  If the issue is with the payment processor, CivicPlus support will direct you to contact the payment processor's support team.



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