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Add a Document Folder

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Note: Only System / Module Administrators can add first-level Document Center folders.


  1. Log in to the Admin side of the website.
  2. Select Modules > Content > Document Center.
  3. Select the Add Folder button.
  4. Name – Fill in the name of your folder.
  5. Show Archives – Leave as default.
  6. Permissions – Setting permissions at the folder level is suggested.
    1. View – May view the live side only
    2. Author – Submit new items, modify / delete unpublished items
    3. Publisher – Publish new items, modify / delete unpublished items, modify / delete published items, accept / reject submitted items, create / modify categories and assign category permissions.
    4. System Administrator – Automatically has rights to all of the above
  7. Save or Save and Publish – Selecting Save will save your folder to the document but will not be seen on the live side. Selecting Save and Publish will save the folder to the Document Center and publish it to the live website.

Note: The Document Center folder will not be visible to the public until a file has been uploaded into the folder.


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