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Video Banners

Guidelines/Recommendations for Video Banners

  • Videos should be kept as small as possible to not slow the site down
    • Videos are limited to no more than 1mb, but ideally should be under 500k
    • Utilize compression as effectively as possible prior to uploading (we recommend using a program such as Clipchamp or HandBrake)
  • Length of video should be 12-30 seconds
  • Videos will be set to Autoplay and will be muted by default; we recommend keeping it this way
  • Files should be mp4 and will play using HTML5 which is supported by most browsers
    • Mobile devices and older browsers will display a static Poster Image instead of a video
  • If any text is placed on top of the video, make sure it is high contrast so that it is accessible for visually impaired users

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