Design Essentials


Fonts and Styles in Design Essentials


  1. Select HomePage
  2. Navigate to the page you would like to edit the colors fonts and styles
  3. Turn on Live Edit
  4. Go to the Editor widget that you would like to edit
    • CSS Class: Will change the font
    • B, I, U: Will either bold, italicize, or underline the word
      • Note: It is not advised using underline unless it is a hyperlink
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-44-22.png: Allows you to have a subscript
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-45-17.png: Allows you to have a superscript
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-46-01.png: Allows you to have a blockquote
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-46-45.png: Allows you to have a quote using quotation marks
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-47-20.png: Allows you to show when there is an abbreviation
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-48-11.png: Allows you to show when there is another language used
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-49-08.png: Allows you to change the alignment
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-49-40.png: Allows you to increase or decrease indent
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-50-10.png: Allows you to have a bulleted, unordered list/a numbered, ordered list
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-51-04.png: Allows you to insert an image
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-51-34.png: Allows you to manage a slideshow
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-52-06.png: Allows you to insert a document link
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-52-31.png: Allows you to insert a table
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-52-59.png: Allows you to hyperlink
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-53-27.png: Allows you to undo or redo
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-53-59.png: Allows you to clear the formatting
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-55-33.png: Allows you to add special characters
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-56-16.png: Selects all of the writing
    • chrome_2017-11-21_08-56-56.png: Opens code view
  5. Select the green checkbox when done editing
  6. A pop-up window will appear
    • Apply Changes: Will apply the changes made
    • Discard Changes: Will discard the changes made
    • Cancel: Allows you to continue editing
  7. Saving options for the page
    1. Save: Will save the changes
    2. Save As Copy: Will save the changes as a copy
    3. Cancel: Will cancel the changes

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