Add a Blog Posting


  1. Navigate to Modules > Content > Blog
  2. Select the blog category you wish to add an entry
  3. Now select the Add Item button
  4. Complete your blog entry
    • Post Name: Public Name of this blog post
    • Full Post: This is the complete text of your blog post
      • This uses the editor just like what is found in pages, to see the full menu select the “Show Advanced Tools” button at the end of the toolbar.
    • Lead In: Just a brief summary of the post, it is shown on the main blog page before they read the full post
    • Tags: These are search tags for major topics in your post
    • Display: This will post your blog to the website on a day and take it down when you would like it to automatically be removed from the site
    • Show Archives: This will allow previous entries that have been archived to be view by the public
  5. Saving Options
    • Save: Will save changes without posting to the live site
    • Save and Publish: Will save changes and publish to the live site

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