Add a Blog Posting

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  1. Access the admin side of your website.
  2. Navigate to Modules > Content > Blog
  3. Select the blog category you wish to add an entry. 
  4. Now select the Add Item button.
  5. Complete your blog entry.
    • Post Name: Public Name of this blog post
    • Full Post: This is the complete text of your blog post.  This uses the editor just like what is found in pages, to see the full menu select the “Show All Tools” button at the end of the tool bar.
    • Lead In: Just a brief summary of the post, it is shown on the main blog page before they read the full post.
    • To see additional options select the “Show Additional Details”
    • Tags: These are search tags for major topics in your post.  (not required)
    • Display: this will post your blog to the website on a day and take it down when you would like it to automatically be removed from the site.  (not required)
    • Show Archives: This will allow previous entries that have been archived to be view by the public.
  6. Save—If you are ready for it to be seen by the world choose to Save and Publish.  If you are not done you can save and come back to finish later

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