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Remove Previous Versions


For transparency, agendas that are modifiable contain a date stamp of their last modification date and allow visitors to download previous versions of the agenda for review.

If you allow modification on your agendas, those dates and versions cannot be removed. To display a clean, single-version/single-modification agenda on your site, the agenda will need to be rebuilt/uploaded again.

Note: Adding minutes counts as a modification.

If you would like to remove previous versions, the best way is to do the following:

  1. Make sure your agenda is complete
  2. Unpublish the original agenda
  3. Select Actions on the original agenda
  4. Select Copy from the actions menu
  5. Save and publish the copy
  6. Delete the original agenda that is in draft mode

Please note this does mean it has a new URL and therefore the link sent out with notification (if used) will no longer work.


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