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Build New Agenda

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  1. To add a new agenda to an agenda category, select Add Agenda.The Agenda Creation Page will open.
  2. Enter Meeting Date
  3. In Description enter agenda or meeting description
  4. If you have uploaded a video online either in the Media Center, You Tube etc. that you wish to use, paste the link in the Link to Video field.
  5. To edit or review the Default Header created under the Default Content tab, click Header in the agenda work bench to open the header text box. Make the appropriate edits then click the Header bar again to hide the edit box and save the changes.
  6. To add Approved Items, click on the item box in the right hand Approved Items section. Hold the mouse button down, and drag the item to the location you wish it to appear, then release the mouse button. The item will then drop into that location on the agenda.
  7. If an item is released next to the left margin of the agenda work bench, it will be numbered as an Agenda Title item and take the next sequential number and renumber the rest of the items.
  8. Items placed indented from the previous item will then become a sub item of the previous item on the agenda and numbered accordingly.
  9. To change an item’s location on the agenda work bench, click on the item and drag and drop it to the new location. The item will then be renumbered accordingly.
  10. To remove an item from the agenda, click the item and drag it back to the Approved or Default Items section.
  11. Once the items are placed in correct locations on the work bench, it will then open and display the items description and any additional field information that has been added.
  12. To see if the published version of the agenda will appear correctly, click Save and Preview. This will also create a draft version of the agenda that can be edited at any time.
  13. To save the agenda as a draft and close click Save
  14. To save the agenda and publish to the public side of your CivicPlus site, click Save and Publish. (or Save and Submit for those with Publisher permissions)
  15. When an agenda is published, a notification window will open to notify the public a new agenda item is posted. Your options to send the notification are;
    • Send on the Meeting Date.
    • Send Immediately
    • Send the notification X Number of Day in Advance.
      • Enter the number of days prior into the Days in Advance of the Date box.
    • Include New or Modified status in email subject
    • Select, Send, Don’t Send or Cancel. The notification will then send accordingly to those who have signed up in Notify Me for the selected Agenda Category.


Adding Minutes

Agenda Center offers the ability to add minutes directly to a published agenda.

  1. On the main page of the Agenda Category select the Agenda
  2. On the agenda you wish to add minutes, hold your cursor over the gear icon so the Action button appears. Click Actions.
  3. The Action Item Box will open, select Add Minutes.
  4. The Minutes Work Bench will then be displayed. Click Add Minutes to add minutes to an agenda item.
  5. Click Save and Stay, to save your work and to continue entering minutes.
  6. Click Save to save the minutes in a draft form until they are approved.
  7. Click Save and Publish to publish the minutes to the public side.


Archive Minutes & Agendas

To send Agenda and Minutes to the Archive Center;

  1. Open the proper Agenda Category
  2. Click Agendas
  3. On the agenda to be archived hold your cursor over the gear icon so Action appears, click Actions
  4. The Action Item Box will open. Click Archive
  5. A Dialog box will open asking, Are you sure you want to archive this agenda? Click OK
  6. The Agenda and Minutes will then be moved to the Archive Center group you selected when setting up Agenda Group Preferences.


Other Action Box Items

  • Modify allows for the modification or changes to an agenda.
    • Note: If you modify an Agenda you will be prompted to show the agenda as modified or not when saving.
  • Copy Links will create links to be used in creating hyperlinks from other sections of your CivicPlus site to the agendas, or from websites like Facebook to the published agenda.
  • Copy will make an exact copy of the agenda which can be modified and saved.
  • Move to Category will move the agenda to a different agenda category.
  • Copy to Archive Center will send a copy of the agenda and minutes to the Archive Center but will keep a copy of the agenda in the agenda category.
  • Archive sends the agenda and minutes to the Archive Center.
  • Minutes opens the Agenda Minutes Work Bench.

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