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It is important to remember that starting with Adding Agenda Items, different permission levels, Authors, Publishers, and Owners will see different controls.  For example, Authors will see Add Item but not the Add Agenda button.  Add Agenda is only visible at the Publisher level and above.  Save and Submit buttons will appear based on the workflow that is selected for that item. 

  • To Create Agenda Items, click Add Items
  • Enter the name of the Agenda Item
  • From the dropdown menu select the Workflow for the agenda item
  • Enter the Suggested Meeting Date
  • Enter the Start Time
  • Enter a Description of the agenda item
  • If any Custom Fields were created in preferences for the agenda category, enter that information
  • Upload any files for the agenda item by clicking Upload Files
  • Any optional fields will be marked as (Optional).  All other fields are required and must be completed before an item can be saved.
  • Click Save to save the agenda item as a draft, allowing you to continue to make changes to the item.
  • When the item is complete click Save and Submit. This will then save the item and notify the next person or group in the approval process.
    • If you have a Save and Publish, this means there is no further approval needed to publish the Agenda item, you can select Save and Publish and it will be ready to be placed on an agenda.
  • To approve or disapprove an agenda item go to the Agenda Center
  • Select the Agenda Category
  • Under the Item tab the agenda item will be marked that it is waiting on approval, and name the person or group that needs to approve the item.
  • Click the item name to open the agenda item for approval.
  • Review the agenda item. The bottom of the Agenda Item Page will be a History and Discussion section.  Enter any comments you may have about the agenda item.  Click Post Comments to add them to the agenda item. 
  • Select Approve or Decline
    • Approve will place the item in the list of items to be added to the Agenda Creator.
    • Decline sends it back to the agenda items list, marked declined appear in red. It can then be modified and resubmitted or deleted.

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